Jay Jacobson

Select Things I Wrote:

Startup Fears

[Old blog post from March 22, 2006]

Make It Happen!

[Old blog post from March 22, 2006]

Nuggets of Entrepreneurial Knowledge

[Old blog post from March 24, 2006]

Ideas are Worthless... Kind of...

[Old blog post from March 27, 2006]

The Value of the Visionary

[Old blog post from March 28, 2006]

Is There a Market for Vision?

[Old blog post from March 30, 2006]

First-Mover Disadvantage

[Old blog post from April 11, 2006]

Bay Adventure

[Writings about my move from the desert of Phoenix to San Francisco]

Goodbye Arizona

[An open letter recounting my time and professional experiences in Arizona]

Inter-Domain Dynamic Route Selection for Diversified IPv4 Networks

[A whitepaper I wrote about Opnix’ technology versus BGP4. Patent Application]

The Myths Hackers Love

[An article for BizAZ Magazine about common information security myths]

What is Information Security

[An article I wrote for BizAZ Magazine]

MIPS Sucker

[A paper I wrote in college about global distributed computing and parallel processing]