November 29, 2005
Written by Jay Jacobson <jay (at) kinetic (dot) org>

Okay, so I have heard it a thousand times now... "where are the pictures?" Well, here they are.

Things have been going quite well. I spent last week in Phoenix and Las Vegas. I also had a great time visiting the family and pigging out on turkey with all the trimmings for Thanksgiving.

I flew back to San Francisco on Saturday. It has been raining the past couple of days. Not hard or anything, but very wet. Likewise, I woke up this morning and the city was covered in fog. If I had to drive around here, I would probably not care for either of these. However, since I do not have to drive, I am absolutely loving the diverse weather!

There is not really much else new going on right now. Since Erik leaves on December 8th, we will start getting serious about the apartment hunting this weekend. It is somewhat of a catch-22. If we look too early, the landlord does not want to hold a vacant apartment for a month until our move-in date. If we start looking too late, we may not find something we really like. Timing is everything, I suppose.

Well, you are all here for the pictures, so here you go...

First, a little about our temporary apartment. I previously mentioned that it is small. 450 square feet. Very small. Nonetheless, it is pretty nice and convenient. When you first walk in, you go down a short hallway, past the bathroom, to get to the living room containing a TV, couch, and a chair. If you turn around, you will see the kitchen, containing a stove, fridge, sink, and a couple of cabinets. All of the appliances are shrunk - like they came out of a doll house or something. Off of the living room is the bedroom, containing a bed, desk, and chair. I have spared you pictures of the bathroom and closet. Like I said, the place is actually quite nice. Did I mention that it is small?

If you go over to the bay window in the living room (behind the chair in the picture), there is a pretty nice view across the street. Looking a little to the left, you can see a better view with some of the bay. Off in the distance, across the bay, I think that is Berkeley. I mentioned it was foggy this morning. Here is that same view, with the fog this morning.

If you are directly outside our building, you will be at the corner of Jones and Sacramento. In this picture, our building is the one on the right, behind the "Sacramento" sign. A little further down Jones Street there is more traffic, but it is pretty small in front of our building. Looking down Sacramento Street is pretty much residential for quite a few blocks.

Around our building, you can see some big building with an antenna a couple of blocks away. Directly across the street from us is Grace Cathedral, which you can also see from inside the apartment.

The first few days that Erik was here, we wandered around in Union Square - a busy shopping and business district. There are many stores there, and quite a few of them are decorating for the holidays. The square is acually very pretty at night, and a nice place during the day too. Excellent for people watching.

After checking out many of the neighborhoods looking for a place to rent an apartment, our favorite area thus far is Pacific Heights. It has a nice mix of residential and commercial blocks, with plenty of restaurants, shops, hang outs, bars, and such. There are also quite a few very nice parks in Pacific Heights. While the area is not as centrally located as Nob Hill (where our temporary apartment is located), Pacific Heights is still quite close to both downtown and the marina.

Well, that is the end of the photo tour. Until next time...

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