December 1, 2005
Written by Jay Jacobson <jay (at) kinetic (dot) org>

This is more of a follow-up posting to my previous picture-interlaced musing. Anyone who knows me is well aware that I spend a lot of time in coffee shops. After all, I need a place to haul out the laptop and do some work. Sitting at home all day just makes me stir crazy.

I was hoping to find a place as wonderful as Coffee Rush, but so far that quest is proving fruitless. In the mean time, I have been frequenting a little coffee shop called Nook, located in the Nob Hill / Russian Hill area. On the corner of Hyde and Jackson, to be specific. As I have been spending much time at Nook, and to relieve Mo's curiousity, it seems appropriate for me to include some pictures of that place too.

The first thing I will say about Nook is that it is small. The place only has a few tables, but that seems pretty common for shops and restaurants here. The Real Estate is simply not plentiful. However, it is in a very nice neighborhood; pretty typical for this area. The cable car runs directly in front of the shop, which is pretty convenient.

They also have a couple of tables outside, but it is just along the sidewalk. Oh how I yearn for the good ole' Coffee Rush patio. Also, due to the hills (which are steeper than they look in the pictures), all of the tables outside sit an an angle. It works alright for setting up my laptop, but it would be wise to drink half of your coffee before putting it on the table - the slope would certainly make a full cup spill.

Nook has pretty good drinks, friendly staff (although I sometimes miss Nathan's "you must be stupid" look that he reserves for those special customers), free wireless Internet, and many power outlets all around the place. In fact, I think they have more power outlets than they have chairs. It is a nice place to hang out and do some work, but it is no Coffee Rush... not even close. The search shall continue.

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