Jay Jacobson


This is Jay Jacobson’s personal website. Here you will find some information about me, a few things I wrote, and various oddities which I find interesting.

Current Projects and Affiliations:



Previous Projects:

Edgeos [Founder, CEO - Information Security]

Scanist [Founder, CEO - Vulnerability Assessment]

Opnix [Founder, CEO - Internet Routing Intelligence]

Internet Traffic Report [CEO, CTO - Internet Metrics]

MirrorDot [Founder, CEO - Global Content Distribution]

Wired Global [Founder, CEO - Network Engineering]

Valley Local Internet [Founder, CTO - Local Content]

CTAN [Central Texas Angel Network]

GoodNet [Director ISP Engineering - Internet Backbone]

GeekJobs [Founder]

Technology Officers’ Association [Founder]

XUsers [Founder - Mac OS X Users]

Arizona State University [Director - New Economy Council]

Maricopa County Colleges [Adjunct Professor]

Tech Oasis Alliance [Chairman - Telecom Council]

DeVry University [Strategic and Technology Advisor]

CD^3 [College Project - The first portable MP3 player]